Take care of our Planet

Sustainability is not just a concept

Ecological, ethical and sustainability practices | fashion

Our planet is very important to us and to you too, so take care of it and make conscious choices.

We believe it should not be a trend but a way of thinking.

"The earth calls eco(consciousness)" vogue portugal

The origin of our materials | The choice of our materials is very important to us. We choose natural materials, sustainable with low environmental impact, from Portuguese factories. We also work with raw materials that are traditionals and autochthonous to several regions of Portugal, being worked by local artisans, like Reed, Burel and Portuguese Blanket.

We work with natural materials like cotton, linen, silk, wool, cupro and deadstock fabric (leftover fabric that we save from the landfill and give a new life).


Sustainable production - producing Responsibly 
All pieces are ethically made in Portugal in limited quantities. Small-scale production involves a closer relationship with stakeholders. Better quality control and a sense of individuality.

Fair Trade | We believe it is very important to have a close relationship with all our workers. Based on dialogue, transparency and respect. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, producers and workers

Zero waste | upcycling is one of our focus, we try to reduce our waste and turn it into something useful and really beautiful. A NEW LIFE

We recycled the waste of our last collections and created a totally new and sustainable pieces.

We chose the waste that we had with our collections and we use weaving techniques in manual loom giving them a new life.





Setúbal | Lisboa

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